Podcast – 09: Experimental Film in Architecture w/ Anna Ulrikke Andersen

In this episode, I spoke to Anna Ulrikke Andersen an award-winning filmmaker and architectural historian.

During her fellowship at Harvard, Anna made a series of films exploring the spatial experiences of people living with chronic illnesses. Her research fuses architecture, history, and film-making into original works of film that have resulted in her research being screened at various international film festivals.

Oh, and she is a historical expert on windows! Which got her an exclusive episode on the BBC’s hit podcast show: Boring Talks. But this episode is far from boring. We spoke about how horror movies use architecture in strange ways. We also spoke about Shia Labeouf’s artistic experiments, and how you could make an award-winning movie with just your iPhone. This episode made me realise just how incredibly similar the field of architecture is to filmmaking…

You’re listening to episode 9 of the Two Worlds Design podcast and I’m your host, Hamza Shaikh.

Watch the episode on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCispmZXt3_g4h9o3XsqoqaA/videos

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