Podcast – 10.2 The Multidisciplinary Architect w/ Chris Hildrey

This episode is Part 2 of my conversation with Chris Hildrey, Architect turned social entrepreneur. So if you haven’t heard episode 10, make sure you do before this one. Chris and I continued to speak about his unique architectural journey into starting a social enterprise to try and solve homelessness. We also discussed how the solution to an architectural brief doesn’t always have to be a building.

But we also touched on a controversial topic: unpaid internships… which Chris has actually done some extensive research on. I think you could be very surprised by his findings. We also spoke about how London underground has its very own species of mosquitos, AND how he almost died in a sewer during a site visit!

At the end of this episode, Chris shares some profound advice for young practitioners and students of architecture which really helped me to stay motivated and true to my passions.

You’re listening to episode 10.2 of the Two Worlds Design podcast and I’m your host, Hamza Shaikh.

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