Podcast – 12.2: The Business of Architecture w/ Rion Willard

This episode is Part 2 of my conversation with Rion Willard, Architect, Business consultant, and host of the Business of Architecture Podcast UK. So if you haven’t heard episode 13 yet, make sure you do.

Our conversation continued into understanding the deeper aspects of deriving maximum value with minimal effort as architects. But what was even more striking was Rion’s insights into how some practices are breaking all traditional conventions in the way they monetise their work!

We also talked about the downfalls and successes of architectural education and how universities can improve their student’s business literacy. But wait till you hear what he thinks Architects can learn from McDonald’s! This episode will be a brilliant resource for myself to re-listen to every time I need motivation. And I know, this will be a useful resource for you too.

You’re listening to episode 12.2 of the Two Worlds Design podcast and I’m your host, Hamza Shaikh.

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