Podcast – 13: The People’s Art Critic w/ Tabish Khan

In this episode, I spoke to Tabish Khan, ‘The People’s Art Critic’. Tabish is a London-based art critic and regular writer for the Londonist and FAD Magazine. But he is also a biomedical scientist who cuts up dead bodies, but don’t worry that’s just part of his job.

Tabish is a really unique person because from his scientific education, he transitioned inadvertently into becoming an acclaimed art critic with a huge and growing following. He regularly visits architectural projects and has a keen interest in the art of building. So who better to ask if a building is beautiful than him? Because the rest of us certainly aren’t going to agree on it.

His insights helped me to understand the deep connections between art and architecture. We spoke about how art is ascribed value by crowd-perception, and we deliberated on who the real Banksy is!

You’re listening to episode 13 of the Two Worlds Design podcast and I’m your host, Hamza Shaikh.

Watch the episode on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCispmZXt3_g4h9o3XsqoqaA/videos

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